Carry on.

32 and Counting.

In the venerated, and highly respected feature film, “Spaceballs”, Spaceball One, the mothership, had three high speed forms of travel: Light Speed, Ridiculous Speed and Ludicrous speed.

It certainly feels like ludicrous speed these days. I clearly remember writing in my last birthday entry. Was it really a year ago since I went to the UK?

This year certainly has been a year of finishing off things I have started. I have graduated. I have have left my old graveyard shift job and now have a regular 8:30 to 5 position with a local HR firm. We’re just about to move into our new home after a year of waiting. I’ve never experienced such a fast pace in my life before.

The best decision I could have ever made was to leave my graveyard shift job. With the regular schedule, I’ve been able to wake up early, get some quiet time to do some scripture study, some exercise… the occasional journal entry here. We’ve made some small changes, like evening prayer. And all these little changes have made such a positive difference in the way that I feel in my relationship with my Father in Heaven. It has made our family life more peaceful. Either my children are a lot happier that I’m around more often, or it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve noticed their smiles.

Life is good right now, but I can’t shake this feeling like it’s a house made up of a cards that could come crashing down at any moment. I really need to make sure that I don’t take anything that He has given me for granted. After all, all of these things ultimately come from the Maker.

(On a side note, I can’t believe that I’m taking so long in writing this blog post. It’s now 3:30 in the morning six full days after my birthday. Na woke up from a bad dream and needed a little hug. I haven’t been able to sleep since.)

So what’s up for this year?

I have a few specific goals this year:

1) Skate the Rideau Canal – Although I can’t really get into details, there is a potential window of opportunity for this to happen. We’re praying for it, and if you have a bit of time in your communications with the Maker, please put in a good word for us. Ever since I was told about the world’s largest skating rink, I have always had this on my list of things to do before I die. Let’s hope it happens.

2) Complete my GMAT with an acceptable score. Yes friends, back to the GMAT I go. Only now, I have no excuse to fail this time around. I have the time to study. I will need to go back to school within the next two years (either online or part-time). I need to get this exam out of the way by this time next year with at least a 650. Anything less would be a waste of time and money.

3) Choose my educational path. Work will pay for part of my education, provided that it’s related to my job. This makes it easy to choose a path. An MBA in Project Management certainly looks like the front runner at the moment, followed by a Masters in Organizational Development or Human Resources. However, I need to get a couple of years of work experience before I seriously apply.

4) Learn Three jazz tunes on the piano well. I’ve caught the bug. All those hours driving back and forth along the I-5 have included endless listening to Dave Brubeck and Marian McPartland banging it out on the 88s (piano). I have found a new passion, one that isn’t as expensive as my computer fetish. Back to the world of myxilodian scales and chords I go.

5) Spend more time with the people I love, most notably, my wife. This is the most important goal of all. My family have sacrificed so much to allow me to complete the first stage in my education. The least I could do is dedicate my time to help them be happy. I owe it to them to spend more time with them… especially the children before they reach the age where they don’t want me around anymore.

6) A few personal goals that I’ve written on a private post.

My 32nd year was wonderful. I hope to make the 33rd just as amazing as the one before.

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