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Life lessons in Polytonality, transitions and constant harmonic change

Blog taglines are supposed to reflect the personality of the author. The past five years, mine has been, “The Adventures of a Second-try student.” It was so appropriate for me at that stage of my life.

But now that I have arrived at my destination, it is necessary for this blog to have a new tagline.

Life lessons in Polytonality, transitions and constant harmonic change.

Why polytonality? I’ve come to believe that we all have different roles to juggle. Although roles may seem incompatible with each other, and at times insurmountably disharmonious, each role plays an important part in my life. Whether it beĀ  husband, father, ward member, project manager, student, missionary… I am happy that I have a role to play in people’s lives, even though it feels like juggling more than one key signature at the same time. Listen to Poly by David Brubeck and you’ll understand what I mean.

Why Transitions? If you’re making the most of life, you’re always planning for the next big change of your life… the next job, the next city, the next goal. But the key to ultimately realizing those big changes is to not only “endure” those transitions, but to “endure them well“. Sometimes the transition is long and gruelling, and outright frustrating at times. By enduring the transition well, we quickly realize that sometimes the journey is more rewarding than the goal.

Why harmonic change? Coupled with dealing with transition is to actually dive in and make the change itself. I’m not talking about making change for the sake of change (as as heard in “Song That Goes Like This”, Monty Python’s Spamalot). Such changes are ineffective. I’m talking about having the courage to make changes in your life that you’re not necessarily comfortable with. Take the bass changes in “The Duke”, again with Brubeck and McPartland. In “the Duke” you go through all twelve tones in a span of a few minutes of jazz. Combining all of those changes results in one of the best examples of piano jazz ever. If we have the courage to make those changes, even seemingly minute changes, in our lives, we will be blessed a life that is more fuller, more richer, and more rewarding that we could have ever imagined.

And that’s what this blog is all about… My life and my adventures in polytonality, transitions and constant harmonic change. For those who have been reading from the beginning, thank you for your attention. For those who have just come here recently, I hope you won’t find these entries too mundane or boring. It’s my life in electronic print and I hope you can discern music from the noise.

Thanks for reading.

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