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I was there… and I’d like to go back someday!

I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the other day. There was one scene that struck me… The part where the Order came to rescue Harry again from the Dursley’s. When I saw the Order flying from Canary Wharf, along the Thames, I immediately thought… “Hey! I was there!” And just a little bit further down I’d see London City Airport and King George V station… right next to my cousin’s house. Covent Garden, the Circus… Sigh… I would love to be back.

Then, my thoughts went back to Manchester… the Theatre of Dreams, at Old Trafford … University of Manchester, the beautiful Manchester Piccadilly station… and who could forget the Rusholme’s Curry mile? My tastebuds (and my bowels) certainly wont!  Oh how I longed to be there again… to spend more time… to see the things that I didn’t get to see. I would have loved to go to Leeds, to Oxford, the Harry Potter Castle.

When I go back again, I’ll bring my family this time around. I’ll introduce them to those wonderful, affable blue badge tour guides who can make an Oscar Wilde tour seem interesting…. (Either that wallpaper goes, or I do!)… Take them to see a football match at Stamford Bridge complete with my ManU Jersey (hee hee!).

So Lessee… Trains… Harry Potter… Curry… Football… sharp witted Blue Badgers… Who needs the glaring heat of a scorching sandy beach or the annoying braying of a country music when you got all of this in one compact country?

The UK…. I was there… and someday I’ll go back! After all… I still have my oyster!

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4 thoughts on “I was there… and I’d like to go back someday!

  1. Anna

    When I go back again, I’ll bring my family this time around.

    How you view a location definitely changes depending on who you are with (or if you’re with someone at all). That’s the beauty of shared experience. I hope you and your family can go visit the UK soon. =)

  2. randomguru

    like Manny said, nice “tie-in” to the whole Harry Potter thing. I’ve only been to London for a couple of days, because my wife wanted to spend most of the time in Italy.

    I just wished I was able to explore more of England. And Manchester sounds so nice!

  3. Chairman Mao

    I’ve never gotten into the Harry Potter books, but with all the hoopla, it’s hard to not want to. Those UK-based Harry Potter tours are going to make a lot of money.

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