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The Crucible

Melting Gold in graphite crucibleHave you ever used a gooch crucible? Gooch crucibles, the crucibles with the little holes on the bottom are used for gravimetric analysis where liquids with suspended solids or particles are filtered through a piece of filter paper. The Crucible and filtrate spend a significant amount of time in a 773K (or higher) environment. Volatiles and impurities are burned off resulting in a pure, dry powder left on ashless filter paper on the crucible. The weight of the gooch crucible is measured. The crucible’s weight is subtracted from the result giving the true weight of the filtrate.

In just four weeks, my last term, my gooch crucible will be over! After four years of slugging it out of Capilano I’ll receive my degree and get on with my life. But four weeks it is and it’s filled with several group projects and high-end term papers.

The pressure’s getting to me and my family as my children get a little bit older and a little bit more cognizant that their father sleeps during the morning, goes to school in the afternoon and works all night.

How fortunate I am to have such an understanding wife… my filter paper, to ensure that I don’t fall through the little holes of complacency, lack of confidence and failure.

And hopefully, just hopefully what will be left over when those 4 weeks are completed will be someone who didn’t disintegrate in the 773K heat.

Gosh am I nerdy!

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