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It’s a boy! Calvin Leonardo Mendoza Cruz

It all happened so fast…. and now Calvin is here with us. We’re all tired, and we’re all busy, but just holding my son… and knowing that he’s mine… my bunsog (youngest)… and that he has my nose, my chin and lips… it’s a humbling experience.

Although he has a lot of physical traits of mine, one can’t really tell what his personality will be like. I surely hope that he doesn’t have my neuroses, my weaknesses, my propensity to procrastinate and my vices and bad habits. But I do hope he develops a love of the Lord, a love for his mother, his family and that he develops a desire to excel in everything that he sets out to do.

I think that the world is making a mistake when the parents do not set high expectations for their children. If parents don’t see their kids doing great things, how can we expect their children to feel the same way about themselves? I’m looking forward to the next few decades… to see what he’ll become. For more photos, please visit our family website at

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