Carry on.

Getting Closer – our very last.

Anytime now, my wife will give birth. Although I’m excited, there’s a little bit of melancholy there because oft he fact that this child will most likely be our last one. Just think… no more Cruz’s. We made four originals and burned the patterns! And now they’re limited editions.

Although finances are always a concern, I am more concerned with the fact that in just two years, our family has doubled in size from three to six. I really, really need a better job so I can spend more time with my family.

My wife has been working so hard and I feel bad not being able to contribute as much. On top of the pregnancy and the many doctor’s appointments, I have a term project presentation, A Final Exam, an interview and… get this… I will be speaking at “Creating Connections”, Capilano College School of Business’s signature annual networking event. I get to speak in front of 300 of the Lower Mainland’s biggest business big-wigs about the Capilano Business Undergraduate Society. Talk about establishing a reputation! I still haven’t put my pen to paper yet and I’m not really sure what exactly I will say.

Anyway, I’m not too worried. Although the risk of stuttering like a blumbering¬† blubbering fool is there, I know that I’m among friends and colleagues… Well, perhaps colleagues… or well… acquaintances and people I don’t know who may eventually decided whether to hire me or not!

Slightly nervous, but the fact that my wife is giving birth is what’s been on my mind lately. Even the Job Search has taken a back seat. I hope she’ll be okay.

Anyway, we still haven’t been notified what sex the child is. We have names picked out, but I’ll leave that as a secret for now. Vacations have been set up. Relatives recruited to take care of our other three children while we’re at the hospital. We’re ready and looking forward to welcoming our last Cruz, our boonsog to the world.

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