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Leaving Vancouver?

Possibly. But it may be one of the hardest things that I could ever do.

There is no place outside of Japan (Sorry LA and SFO) where you can get the freshest, tastiest sushi than Vancouver. It’s one of the most multicultural cities in Canada. It’s absolutely beautiful.

My friends and extended family are here.

So how come I’m toying with the idea of leaving?

I’ve always dreamed of taking my wife and children to see the world. My BBA is part of the ticket to that goal. Ultimately, we may end up moving back here. For all we know, we’re toying with the idea of leaving paradise. But what if something betterĀ  is out there for us? What if there is more for my family to experience than the bliss that is called Vancouver?

I would rather find out than spending the rest of my life wondering, “What if?”

So, I’ve been applying to positions where the company has an international presence. Most of them are in (Gasp) Ontario. There are a few jobs here, but the competition is quite fierce.

I haven’t really been looking outside of Canada. I think I need a few more years of experience before I do that.

It’s a difficult decision. But if the opportunity arises, I will most likely take it.

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