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Back to UBC… just for a day.

It sure feels weird everytime I come back to UBC – the site of my greatest failure and the place of my most greatest success. I experienced the biggest of academic failures when I was forced to leave the UBC Chemical Engineering program. But without UBC I would not have received the gospel, serve a mission, meet my wife, be sealed in the temple… So much good came from my time here, yet the one glaring failure stands out every time I walk the trek from Buchannan to the SUB. I can’t even bring myself to walk past the cairn.

I don’t regret leaving UBC. What I loathe is knowing that I failed… And that this place still stands as a reminder of it.

So much has changed on ca mpus over the past 10 years. The old library a nd the bus loop have been demolished. The chem eng building is no longer the chem eng building. New building facades…  I’ve changed too. UBC has moved on. I’ve learned so much since my failure here. Maybe I should move on too… And focus on my successes since then and on the task at hand. Off to the exam.

2 thoughts on “Back to UBC… just for a day.

  1. Vincent Wu

    Hmm… reminds me of how I feel sort of… Each time I go back to UBC, and especially the SUB where we had the ASSA offices and how much time I blew there without accomplishing much. Arrgh. I’m trying to look for the positive sides of spending time there and I can’t think of too much. If I was serious enough trying to focus on coming up and achieving a big dream instead of seriously trying to do nothing, maybe I would be much much farther in life right now.

    Talk to you later,

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