Carry on.

Snowflakes… but no snowman.

It’s 1:37 in the morning and I really don’t feeling like sleeping at the moment. It’s been like this the past four weeks – I find it difficult to go to bed at night. It’s strange because the house is quiet and there’s no one around to disturb me.

That’s the problem. It’s too quiet and it feels weird being alone in the house for so many days in a row.

But not to worry. Just seven more days left and Evelyn, Nicolas, Euna and Zeta will be back. All the hubbub, messy floors strewn with toys and stained with mushy peas, with the incessant yelling of Dora the Explorer blaring on the TV. Oddly enough, I really miss all of that.

I feel like I’ve missed a bit of my children’s life. Nicolas is talking in complete sentences, expressing deeper and deeper thoughts these days. “Dad, ” Not Daddy, ” you really need to get in your car, drive to the airport, go on a plane and fly to the Philippines because I’m coming home soon! I love you dad, I miss you.” I miss him too, and I told him so. But in my mind I was thinking, “Since when did the word Daddy change to dad?”

It’s not just Nicolas. Apparently, Zeta waves goodbye and Euna is hard to keep track of. Didn’t they just leave the crib recently?

I miss Evelyn most of all. No amount of mushy writing can explain it. I just do.

I may as well enjoy the next seven days quiet, right down to the quietness of snowflake falling on snowflake in the empty yard without the Snowman. Ack! Now I’m being ridiculous.

Anyway, off to bed.

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