Carry on.

Looking back at pictures

When was the last time you looked at your old photos, digital or otherwise? For me, it has been a very long time. Before school starts, I make it a habit to clean out and reorganize my hard drive, making it easier to access school files. I forgot that I had backed up all my Digital photos since our wedding to the laptop. I didn’t know that I had over 1500 photos over the past six years were on that drive occupying 7.15 GB of space!

I looked at a few of the pictures… some from our weddings, others from the births of our children… eating out, weird shots, black and white shots… Lots of good memories.

As I looked through those pictures, I had a feeling that we’ve really had it good, despite the setbacks and the struggles. For the most part, we’ve been really happy and fortunate to be blessed in many different ways.
In the end, I guess, all we have are memories. It’s up to us to make them good.

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