Carry on.

Resist the urge to swipe…

… that piece of plastic!

With E away for Christmas and Boxing day and New Years, never have I had such a golden opportunity to swipe the piece of plastic (debit or otherwise) with reckless abandon. With Boxing day sales at Future Shop and NCIX, it’s a wonder that our house isn’t chock full of equipment that could house the space shuttle… or a typical teenager’s room.

I’ve even gone to future shop more than once, looking for something to buy. After all, I don’t want to miss out on those “great prices” that come only once a year. But really, do I need an Ipod nano? Do I really need that wireless gaming keyboard? Do I really need the latest video card to reduce my WoW frame rate? After thoughts like that, each and every time, I leave the store empty handed, with yet another 45 minutes of my life gone.

Maybe I really don’t need all those things. But why do I go out there anyway without getting anything? Am I looking to satisfy my avarice? Maybe. Am I bored? Possibly. Am I really looking for a good deal? Doubtful.

Perhaps I just miss my wife and my children and I’m looking for something to pass the time. I hope they’re having fun.

Back to the books! My GMAT is exam is on the 3rd. Wish me luck! Or skill!

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