Carry on.

The answer is “Thirty One”

The Question? How old am I today?

Can you believe it? I am officially “In my Thirties” as my sister put it. I remember when I was eight. I Was sitting with my father in a dilapidated concrete jungle of an apartment and asked him, “How old are you dad?”

He answered, “I’m Thirty-one!”

“Gee!You’re old!”

I remember when my dad was thirty one, and here am I, Thirty one years old.


This year was filled with a lot of twists and turns. A lot has happened… Notably:

  • Euna and Zeta were born
  • I was accepted to SFU
  • I chose Capilano College over SFU
  • We decided to purchase our first home
  • I made the deans list this year
  • We’re pregnant again! He/she will come this February.
  • I was selected to represent the school at a student conference in London England

It’s interesting how some choices affect future events in a very profound way. For example, if I chose to leave the Capilano School of Business for SFU, I would never have been able to visit London and find out that it wasn’t the wisest place to go for my masters (for our family). When we decided to purchase our first home, we had no idea that we would be having another child several months later.

I have no regrets about the choices that I’ve made. Why? Regarding life’s choices, Robert Frost said it best:

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

Each choice we make, leads to other choices and other opportunities that we would not have received had we not made that choice.

Take, for example, my decision to serve a mission. As hard as it was to leave my degree at UBC, as hard as it was for my family, had it not been for my serving a mission, I would have not met Evelyn. I would have not had three (soon to be four) children. I would probably had not chosen to go to the Capilano School of Business.

Don’t be afraid to make choices and don’t be afraid to stick by them. Take all available information and make the best choices you can. Everything will work out as long as your life is a “going concern”.

Goal attainment

On a less positive note, this year certainly wasn’t much for goal attainment, particularly with spiritual things. I guess this is the one thing that I do regret – my spirituality has taken a beating over the past twelve months… and it probably shows.

The only goal that I was able to attain was to complete three courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.5.

Goals for my 32nd year:

  • Complete my GMAT with a score of 600-630
  • Complete my Bachelors Degree at the Capilano School of Business with a GPA of 3.5
  • Decide on a MBA program/location.
  • Get a promotion or change jobs this year.
  • Study the scriptures once a day. (86%)
  • Pray at least once a day. (86%)
  • Visit the temple monthly. (100%)
  • Check your goals daily (100%)

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