Carry on.

It’s not that difficult, you know.

Have you ever seen a Salmon swim upstream? I kinda felt like that. Walking the streets of London, I kept on bumping into everyone and doing the dance, trying to dodge away from people in my way.

Walking down to the tube, I ran into a huge throng of people trying to leave the station. After all the commotion, I heard a Cockney accented Englishman saying, “What are you doing? We walk down your right and you walk down your left. Take a look on the left hand side! There’s no one there! Walk on the left hand side. It’s not that difficult, you know. It’s an easy, concept. I mean really!”

Incredibly rude, yes. Incredibly correct, yes! I really appreciate his little tip. It will probably save me 15 minutes in travel time wherever I go!

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