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AID conference notes – Day 1

Well, it took me awhile to find Faraday house – hidden in the armpit of two huge six lane highways! But I made it.

They’ve selected me to be a group facilitator to help conduct discussions – should be interesting considering that so many people have much more well informed opinions than I do. My opinion is usually based on the radio reports that I hear on CKNW or NEWS 1130.

I had the chance to speak to a few of the local students. I said, “One thing that I really, really enjoy here is the food. British food is really good!”  A look of horror and shock crept onto their faces,

“You’re sure this is British Food that you’re talking about, right?”

“Absolutely! Curry is first rate.”

“Well, curry isn’t really British food. It’s Indian food. Come to think of it, anything here that is not British food is usually very good!”
“Hey… the Curry is certainly a lot better than what we have in Vancouver! And any country that has meat inside of a pie with gravy on top certainly can’t be wrong!”

And with that, I got nods of agreement

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