Carry on.

See you soon, Manchester

Manchester is quite similar to Vancouver. Apparently it rains a lot there, but certainly didn’t notice. The school is quite good, and they were very kind. If there was a match for the Capilano school of business, Manchester Business School would be it. Both schools are trying to establish a good reputation. Small classes, a focus of applied skills, case studies and real projects that actually matter. I think that Manchester would be a good match for me.

As for the rent, it’s similar… about £800 per month. If we plan things carefully, it might actuall@y be viable to live here. Bus service is highly efficient for the bus traveller – several competing companies trying to gt a share using either low rates or posh seating – Vancouver can learn from this. The tramwy system is only marginally better inside the city, but highly effective in the suburbs – again Vancouver can learn from this. Food is absolutely awesome! Rusholme’s curry mile is the real deal. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to go to The Living room. I’ll go to the London Location.

The conference starts tomorrow! I can’t wait!

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