Carry on.

Air Canada is great…

… just be prepared for really frozen yogurt.

I lucked out! There was no one sitting beside me on the plane. I guess they didn’t feel comfortable sitting next to the emergency exits! They had a quasi-teriyaki chicken dish with a weird taste that I couldn’t place. It tasted good…. but I would like to know what I’m eating.

After a long sleep on the plane, booted up the laptop, listened to a little digg and lo and behold, we landed. I did get to see a fighter jet escort our plane part of the way to the landing.

Man am I a big newbie when it comes to international travel. It took me roughly 15 minutes to figure out that 011 (area code) Number doesn’t work. I think I got through…. hopefully, Evelyn, you got my message that I made it here safely.

I have a couple of hours before my flight. I’m tempted to jump on the tube and come back again… But then again, I’d better play it safe and stay here. There’s a Cornish Pastie in my future.


2 thoughts on “Air Canada is great…

  1. evelyn

    I got your message. I hope you’ll have a great time in Manchester… And, hey! did you bought something for me yet? What is it? I hope you didn’t bought it at YVR. 🙂 Take Care…I Love You. E

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