Carry on.

At the airport… five hours early.

Oh well, at least I got a ride and Nicolas was able to go to school. Now, I’m trying my best to fill the time. The international departures area is surprisingly empty. I guess the majority of the international passengers are in the US section.

I originally intended to do a podcast every evining of my trip, but I did a little test run… it’s a lot harder than it seems. By this time tomorrow, you’ll be able to click on THIS LINK to see my first lame attempt at recording my voice. Yeah… it’s lame …. it’s weak… but hey! Try posting your own podcast and see how well you do! Link em up in the comments.  (24 Nov. I have absolutely no time for this! ~sorry!)
Anyway, London and Manchester await. I’m really excited to find out what’s on the other side of the ocean… I’m sure it’s a lot more than fish and chips and football, as my last post mentioned. Movies shot outside of the US portray Americans as militant Right Wing weirdos bent on violence or gang members. For some reason, North American movies choose people with British accents to play the “Bad Guy”. I’m looking forward to meeting people here, not just from the movies.

Anyway, I now how two and ahalf hours to kill with nothing but a tax and duty free store available to me.

Let’s see if I can find something for my wife. Hmmm…. All my money will be gone before I even set foot on the plane!

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