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Going to the Land of Fish ‘n Chips and Football

“Thank you for applying to the Bringing the World Home confernece. We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected for the summit.

The Conference is taking place at the Syracuse Centre’s Faraday house at 48 Old Gloucester Street in Downtown London on November 24th-26th 2006.”

That’s right everyone, I’ll be in the land of Fish ‘n Chips and Football in a couple of weeks – my first real international conference, and my first step in European soil. I applied to attend a few weeks ago thinking, “It’ll be nice if I could go.” I didn’t expect anything to pan out, but they selected me. The college has been so supportive and they’re helping out with some of the expenses.

In addition to attending the conference, I will be visiting University of Manchester and the London Business school to meet with their MBA Admissions Officer. They’ve graciously allowed me to visit a couple of their classes to get a feel of what their instructions methods are like.

Although attending graduate studies has been a big goal of mine, somewhere in the back of my mind didn’t think that I could actually make it there. But now, the possibility of going to a reputable MBA program is getting stronger. This conference, and the succeeding conference that I will be organizing as a result will most certainly bolster my application.

Evelyn mentioned, “Why not take the opportunity to tour around and enjoy the sights?” I said, “Hun, this really isn’t a pleasure trip. I’m there to learn at the conference and visit some MBA schools… I really don’t have time to tour around.”

Did that come out of my mouth? Here I am about to step into Europe for the first time and I don’t have time to have some fun! She’s always right…. so I looked around for some football games – but they’re hard to come by. I wasn’t interested in all the touristy stuff – watching the changing of the guard, visiting the crown jewels for example.

Heh… What does a married guy with three children do when he’s half way around the globe away from his wife?

  1. Eat at the Curry mile in Manchester
  2. Take in a couple of free Jazz concerts at the Royal school of music
  3. Visit the Living Room
  4. Watch Spamalot
  5. Visit Camden Town at take in some real pub food.
  6. Eat Fish and Chips!

If you can recommend some other things that I should do, let me know! I’m just not into the typical tourist attractions.

Well, I’m really excited to go. I can finally eat Fish ‘n Chips – which is on my list! I know… small joys, but small joys are the best, aren’t they?

Anyway… I’m thinking of doing a podcast for my trip to let you know I’m still alive. Hopefully I can get it working.

Take care!

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