Carry on.

Not everything about me is in here.

When you read blogs, it’s very easy to assume that everything that happens to the person can be found through the archives. Well, some people like to write everything, but I don’t.

There are some things that are private, and somethings that I would never want to be placed on a blog.

For example, I don’t really like to write specific things about my wife and my children here on the blog. Why? They deserve privacy. After all, this blog is, not Furthermore, my feelings towards my family are for them and them alone.

But what about my experiences with them?

Well, that’s what written journals are for.

Yes, I’ve decided to write in a journal again. In spite of all the trouble that my previous journals have gotten me into, I have decided to write don the bic again.

I’ll continue to write about myself on here, along with the occasional retstrained blurb about my wife and children. When it comes to more specific things about my family, I will write in my Journal.

I’ve never written a journal since the end of my mission. Let’s just hope that I write more legibly, carefully and more sensibly this time around!


One thought on “Not everything about me is in here.

  1. CC

    Good for you Herb! I bought a journal a few years back. It’s still empty but I think I will indeed start writing after the wedding. =)

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