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Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value. ~ Einstein

People who have known me for awhile know that there are few people in the world that I would actually hate. Sure, there are people that I don’t get along with, but there are few people out there in the world that I couldn’t say something positive about. However, there are some people that I truly loathe… bullies.

These are people that threw eggs at me when I was young, spread gossip about me throughout my childhood, offered me piss instead of pop and basically made my life a living hell during my years in elementary and high school – almost driving me to suicide.
I had thought that had put this behind me when I left those high school doors for good.

But a person that I truly care about is heading towards that direction. A nephew of mine is hanging out with the wrong crowd, throwing eggs at seven year olds, listening to hip hop gangster trash that glorifies rape, gang violence and drug abuse. After a promising year in the Canadian school system, he’s failing… and hanging out with people who do nothing but play basketball and hang out all day long.

I truly care about him, but if he continues along the path that he’s going, I can’t see him attaining any portion of success that he’s capable of. He has brains. He has heart, and he has passion for the things he does. But channelled in the wrong direction, it can be a recipie for disaster.

How can I allow him to be with my son? How can I trust him to be a good example for him? Already, he has taught my son poor language… How do I know that he will become like him.


Very frustrating..

He’s my nephew… and I don’t know what to do… help him? or help my son by keeping my nephew away from him?

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