Carry on.

A tiny Vacation

It was Evelyn’s birthday on Monday and we celebrated together as a family. We didn’t go to any expensive restaraunts this time around, but we did go to Goldilocks for some nice sinigang baboy, pancit palabok, Lumpiang Shanghai. We capped it off with a calamansi Slurpee! What can I say… it was Filipino day, and it tasted really good!

We spent the afternoon looking for some “castle” that Evelyn had either dreamed about or went to… she couldn’t remember where or when. We drove up and down the west end, near UBC, Oak, Granville, Arbutus… and found Point Grey Secondary… a huge well to do school near her work.

“No… that’s not it… Keep driving some more.”

So we drove up to Dunbar, and we were just about to give up. Then, we saw this huge stone smokestack sticking up in the sky…

“I think we found it!”

As we drove closer and closer the huge building seemed to leap out of the rich enclave of +4000 square foot homes to reveal St. George’s Academy – the most prestegious all boys school in British Columbia. This school seems to churn out Harvard and Princeton bound graduates the way McDonalds spits out burgers.

My whole life, I have always wondered about this school… where it is, what it’s like and how can people afford such ridiculous tuition – up to $14,000 per year.

I thought about it some more… perhaps if I work hard enough, and work smart enough, I could somehow get that elusive career that would help us allow Nicolas to go to this school.

It may sound snobby, and I could be saying this with a tinge of Avarice… but it would be wonderful if we could live in one of these million dollar homes and afford our children these exclusive opportunities. As I thought about it some more, I thought, “Hey… why not? Why resign myself to a life of medocrity? At the very least, I should try to achieve these objectives.”

We finished the afternoon in a huge park right beside St. George’s, relaxing and enjoying the afternoon, surrounded by such quiet and posh splendor. “I could really get to enjoy this on a regular basis… I really need to upgrade my education.”

And that’s when it hit me… I had forgotten about my goal to get my Masters. I just have a year left in school… I have the grades now… and with the house… perhaps we now have the financial leverage for me to attend a good business school.  I really need to get cracking on my GMAT again.

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