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Originally, I didn’t really think that my CapCollge diploma grad was such a big deal, after all, my real goal is to complete my Business degree. It’s merely a stepping stone to your goal. But I thought, “Well, why not go? You paid so much for your education, you may as well take everything that you can get.” Of course, that was my stomach talking since it knew oh so well that food would be served afterwards.

Ate Amilyn came as well as Evelyn and the twins. Mom, Dad and Nico were stuck in Calgary and couldn’t make it, but no big deal.

My convocation ceremony also included Degree graduates who have completed their 4 years. One by one I saw people who were so excited to finish their education, ready to take on the next challenge, their next stage in their life. I longed to be with them, all finished with their education, knowing that I have a year and a half left in my program.

One thing did hit me though… it WAS a big deal. It marks the first time since my mission that I finished something that I had started. I didn’t quit. I persevered and now I have a diploma. For once in a long time, I had accomplished something.
I’m glad that I went, and it wasn’t because the food was excellent. I’m glad that I went so I could have a sneak preview of what I will be doing in a year and a half. I will be donning that hood. I will have that degree that I have always hope to achieve.

The funny thing is, even that day will be a stepping stone. Why? The piece of paper means nothing if you don’t take advantage of it. It means nothing if I don’t get that job that the degree is supposed to hook you up with. It can open doors, but it is up to me to walk through them, as Morpheus said.

Anyway, that’s what happened on Monday, May 29th. I’ve finished my diploma, but I have so much more to achieve.

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