Carry on.

Summer term 2006

Started my summer courses yesterday, and I’m very excited for the opportunities.

In the morining, I have finance and investments with Ted Ohashi, author of “The Macleans Money Companion: Financial Lingo for the unitiated”, a columnist for the Vancouver Province and econmics commentator for CKNW. Never had a professor like this one before – someone who’s been there in international business and finance for over 25 years! Even more interesting is the fact that he will bring one or two guest speakers each class to lecture about the industry! Originally, I thought this would be a torture course, but with this type of learning opportunity, I’m sure that it will be an enlightening class.

In the afternoon, I have Cross Cultural Communications in International business. Originally I had signed up for an earlier time slot, but I dropped it so I can take it with Ivan Surjanovic, the cooridinator for the Evening with Carole Taylor event last March. I think this was the best decision I could have ever made. There are only FIVE Canadian students in my class – the rest are on exchange fron INSEEC, the Institute form Economic and Commercial Studies in Bordeaux, France. What better way to learn cross cultural communications than being immersed in a completely different culture while taking the course!

I’m quite excited for the learning opportunties that I’ve been blessed with. I don’t know what I would have faced in SFU. Perhaps it would have been an equally rewarding experience, perhaps not. All that I know is that somehow, I need to take full advantage of these opportunities!