Carry on.

I’m walkin’….

Yes indeed I’m walking.

With the recent announcement that bus passes would give us a small tax credit, coupled with the fact that Gas prices are now $1.20 per litre, I’ve decided to take the bus again. Yesterday, I woke up early and took a walk up the hill from our house to Metrotown.

It was a lot more tiring that it had been since the last time I took the bus. I’m definitely out of shape! But, the nice thing is that we’ll be able to stretch our our dollars a bit further since we don’t have to pay for as much gas.

Today, getting up the hill was much easier.

So begins a new resolve to get some sort of exercise and to lose weight this summer. The winter doesn’t give me much time to get a regular exercise program in.

I’m also debating on whether to take up another martial arts class again… perhaps hapkido… or wushu. I really need to get rid of this gut. Or maybe swimming might be enough.