Carry on.

Too much risk

When a financial planner deals with a new customer, one of his or her first duties is to assess the degree of risk tolerance the customer has. After making the decision of going to SFU, I slowly found out to what degree of risk I was prepared to accept.

I’ve dropped all my SFU courses, returned all my books and registered to continue my third year at Capilano College.

You may ask why did I turn down one of the most prestegious universities in the country to complete my BBA at a local College. It all came down to risk.

SFU accepted me, but did not accept me in the program that I really wanted to be in – International business. Sure, I was quickly accepted to go to International Studies. But there was one thing that I simply refused to see until recently – getting an arts degree quickly limits my options should things not go as planned. Many of the International Jobs require a BBA, not an Arts degree. Some universities require a business degree in order to be admitted to an MBA program. I would have to start again from Third Year. If I graduated from my arts degree, where will I work? Who will take me? What applied skills would I have?

So many unknowns.

When I thought about Capilano, I realized that I only had a year and a half left in the program. They accepted the most courses as transfer credit that I could have ever hoped for. They tailor made their International Business program to fit my needs, goals and objectives. They’re inexpensive, the classes are smaller and they have an excellent Employment services officer. International Banks and consultants require BBAs. I’ll be able to graduate from an MBA program more quickly since I’ll be in advanced standing.

When I talked things over with my wife, she agreed. Although I won’t have the free gym pass, or the cheap bus pass, I felt peace when we decided to complete my education at Capilano college. Now the plan ahead for me is much more clearer, much less uncertain. An element of risk is still there – the reputation of the school. But it’s risk that I can overcome with a little hard work on my own in networking and selling myself.

MBA GMAT advice

Any of you MBAers out there? What do you recommend with regards to the GMAT? should I take it soon? during my last year of school? I may wish to start my MBA program on January 2008. Should I take the GMAT now? Should I work first?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.