Carry on.

Exams… almost there.

One down, two to go. One of them is tomorrow. I haven’t had any success studying at home. Whenever one of my children start crying I have the uncontrollable urge to close my textbook and pick them up. Or, whenever my son gets to a hard part on, he calls me up to help him …. I end up playing with him for nearly 30 minutes.

So, my wife suggests that I take my laptop and go to the library. No wireless internet there – and I need it to look at the course outline (heh… how’s that for an excuse). I make my way to the nearest starbucks, order a Hot chocolate and sit down.

I log onto their so called “hotspot” and they want $7.00 for one hour! For get it. Then I realized…”Hey! There’s a hotel right across the street!” Lo and behold, there’s a signal. I log on and here I am blogging away! 🙂 And yes, I am using the course outline.

With so many unsecure wireless networks around, why waste $7.00? I don’t see how Telus and other wireless services will thrive if people can just roam around and find some newbie wireless connection that has no encryption. Heh, I found a HOTEL which doesn’t even ecrypt their connection for goodness sake! 🙂

Oh well… back to the books!

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