Carry on.

I’m not sure what to do.

Well, leave it for Capilano to up the ante and add more things to make it more appealing. I’ve received confirmation that this fall, Capilano college will introduce an International Business option. Basically, it’s the same as the International Studies Program at SFU, except with more of a business focus – and a BBA to boot.

The dean of Capilano College has been pushing this. Apparently, they’ve mentioned me specifically in several of their meetings and have guaranteed me that my Korean also meets the requirements and that my mission will be accepted for the study abroad requirement.

Add to the fact that I recently found out that SFU is making me take another 60 Credits (20 courses) instead of the 47 I had originally anticipated – adding four to eight months to my degree program.

So essentailly, it all comes down to the following:

Do I believe in the notion that a University degree is better than a college degree? Or do I believe in getting done as quickly as possible to go to the world of work and onto my MBA?
Either way, I will have to go to an MBA program, whether it be through an Arts Degree at SFU or a BBA degree at CAP. It’s comforting to know that CAP has an agreement with York University’s Schulich school of business (#1 in Canada and #6 in non-US schools) in recognizing the CAP BBA as a bona-fide BBA that meets their requirements.

I talked things over with my wife and she recommends that I go to CAP. But whenever I make a decision to go one way or another, I meet another person that chose the opposite direction and I’m not so sure.

Now that I think about it, to be swayed to and fro being carried by every wind of opinion (heh… who have we heard this one from before!) is not a good position to be in. I should make the decision based on what is best for me and my family… not by what other people say I should do or what other people have chosen. Depending on others to determine the course of my life…. MY life should not be the way I make decisions.

How shall I decide? I will need to go through all my journal entries regarding SFU and Cap (I knew the search function would come in handy), and compile all of the advantages and disadvantages. And then I will make a choice. I will then Pray about it … then stick to it – classmates and professors and naysayers be damned.

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