Carry on.

It’s all a matter of focus.

I don’t know why… Today I should be on top of the world, but right now, I feel like I’m underneath a pile of elephants. It’s the final two weeks of school, I have three group projects due, each of them with presentations.

It comes with the territory, I suppose. In order to get something worthwhile, you need to go through the crucible, then get torched overtop a bunsen burner and tossed into a pan of liquid hydrogen.

Heh, if getting the diploma is this hard, imagine how hard it will be when I get my Bachelors… then the Masters.

Instead of fighiting it, and avoiding it as long as I can, I should just shut up, quit my bellyaching and do the work. Then, I can sit back, relax and enjoy the break.

I think that I’ve been focussing on the future far too much. For the past few months, the only things that have been on my mind are the next… two… years… Two… years… of term papers, two… years… of graveyard shift… You get the idea. But so much great things have happened every day.

Take today for example. Euna and Zeta were blessed in church, and most of my family were able to make it. It was a choice experience.

One thought on “It’s all a matter of focus.

  1. Soulbomber

    Herb, your dedication is very admirable. I respect the amount of passion and all the things you have accomplished as a husband, father, student and a man. When I read your blogs, I can see that how strong you’re getting. But, most importantly, the great things that make you the nice guy that everyone loves is still there. I don’t know how you do it, but it probably helps that you have an awesome family that always backs you up. Well, I’m not sure if I can help, but if you ever need anything, give me a call. In the mean time, Yo JOE!

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