Carry on.

Scary moments.

Late late week, my wife was in so much pain. She hardly move her arms, she had two babies dependent on her for food. Her head was hot to the touch with a fever of 38.9. And yet, she kept on insisting that she would get better, and that she would be fine.

We called the nursline anyway, and she urged me that I take her to the hospital because she couldn’t explain why her temperature had shot up. Considering that she just gave birth, maybe there might be some sort of viral infection.

So, we took her there and we ended up staying there for several hours as they ran test after test, all the while my wife trying hard to look like she was okay. But I could see right through her that the pain was almost unbearable. Finally, the doctor decided to give her antibiotics. Over the next few days, treatment after treatment, she slowly got better and now she’s back to her happy, nimble self.

The whole time, I was quite worried, whether she’d get better or not. Would she be okay? What would I do without her? I know, it’s silly… but somehow, those thoughts did cross my mind. I mean, we’re not young anymore. We’re 30 years old. We have three children dependant on us for life. We’re renting a home, we’re working… it takes only one tragedy to tip the balance where life can drastically change for all of us.

Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope, with my family on one end of the balance beam and my school and career on the other, with my Church responsibilities balanced on my head, with not even a net to break the fall over top the ocean of nasty sharks (with lazers strapped to their heads – how’s that for hyperbole!) (???????! ~???)

Some good news though… my transfer to SFU is pretty much complete. My Korean meets the language requirements for the International studies program, and they’re willing to explore the possiblity of accepting my mission as part of the International residency requirement. I just have to write a paper about it.
Hopefully that will go through so I don’t have to spend a term abroad. But, part of me hopes that it won’t so I can take my family to the Philippines for a term. We’ll have to see.

I had intended on staying at Capilano college to complete my BBA, but the International Studies program seems to be more aligned with what I would like to do with my life. I have the diploma in business anyway. This will open a lot more doors in terms of Masters programs and other opportunities to learn.

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