Carry on.


I ran into a friend’s website for the first time today. After spending an hour or so reading about his adventures and his academic pursuits I truly realized that in terms of educational attainment, I’m a mushroom.

I’m not jealous. He’s truly intelligent and worked very hard to get to where he is today. He has such an enourmous capacity to express himself and to literally suck every bit of information from his surroundings.

Is this capacity to learn something that you’re born with? Is it something that you can develop over time?

Is it too late for me to come even close to this ability? It is indeed a gift to be able to have the word flow out of you like honey. For me, sometimes words flow out of me like a round peg through a square hole.


Perhaps I do have this capacity. It’s just that I’ve filled it with things that don’t really add much value –

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