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Our new Children

The past week has been a blur, but right now, I’m listening to Judy Garland singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, part of the Lullabyes essentials from Itunes. Just beside the little radio are two little twin girls lying in their crib, sleeping peacefully, sometimes waking up to be held.

Zeta and Euna were born on Wednesday February 8th, at 8:25 and 8:26AM, respectively. They both weighed 6lbs 4oz.

During the birth, I had this calm feeling, knowing that Evelyn would be alright. I looked at Euna and Zeta, held them in my arms and I knew that somehow, in spite of the busy schedule, in spite of the tight finances, through Father in Heaven’s help, I will be able to raise them, together with Evelyn and Nicolas.

When Zeta and Euna went through the front door, the spirit of the home immediately changed. The house is brighter, more happier, more cheerful, and more peaceful. Amazing what a couple of two babies can do to a home, just by being there.

Every time I look at my wife, she has this big smile on her face, especially when she feeds them. I wonder, I wonder… If there is any other joy or any other satisfaction, greater than what she feels right now.

Perhaps, only Mothers can answer that.

Life’s just grand. I am thankful for these many blessings that I have received these past few days.

One thought on “Our new Children

  1. Nora Rennie


    We are so happy that the twins brings joy and happiness into your family. We thought having twins would be so hard and yet you and your family make it so easy. Sure, the finances are tight but as long as you have your family and health, money should not matter 🙂

    We are doing fine, just busy, but it keeps us amuse.

    Take care,

    Love always,

    The Rennie Family

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