Carry on.

Mind numbing

We got a call today from the doctor and he recommended that we go through the c-section sooner rather than later… Now that we got a firm date when the babies are born I haven’t been able to focus on the two big projects that I have due tomorrow at school.

I don’t think that I’ve ever been freaked out at the prospect at becoming a Dad again until tonight. They’re coming.

They Coming!

Evelyn and I spent the evening listening to a Lullabies compilation that we got off I-tunes. One particular song, “Daddy’s Little Girl” came up and I realized that these two children that are about to come into our lives will be depending on me. They will need me to be my very best self if I am to be a good father to them.

The thing is, I don’t know exactly when (and if) I’ve ever been my best self at all. I’m just me, all the mistakes and everything. And here I am about to become the father of two new children.

I know I asked myself this shortly before Nicolas was born, but am I truly, truly ready for this? Am I in the position of becoming a father to two daughters?

heh… too late to ask.

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