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Dim Sum

One thing that I really remember growing up were the many Dim Sum restaraunts that my dad used to take us to. The lower Mainland is full of them – great places to eat when you want to eat well for cheap.

One restaurant was located directly behind a Church’s friend chicken outlet. At first, we’d whine and complain that we couldn’t go to Church’s until the taste of spring rolls, chicken feet and siu mai grew on us. After awhile, we didn’t seem to mind anymore. The manager of the dim sum restaurant was your stereotypical Chinese guy… pointy moustache, coke bottle thick black rimmed glasses with big teeth, big smile and and big heart…. he’d always give us “Minus 10%” for being regular customers.

Soon, these dim sum restaraunts went out of style as the allure of Japanese broke through the Lower Mainland like a runaway freight train. Many of them went out of business, and now the only good ones you know about are the Pink Pearl with the rest of them being held a secret.

If any of you know a good, cheap (read: inexpensive) Dim sum restaraunt, let us know…. I have a Siu Mai craving.

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