Carry on.

Just how does she do it?

Took Evelyn to the doctor yesterday. He mentioned that she’s at her maximum size and that he needed to call the specialist to make sure it would be time to either induce or do a c-section. So we had that feeling of anticipation… you know, the kind of anticipation that comes with completing those long jogs around the city when you’re in high school…. like it was going to be all over and that we can get on to the happy business of raising our children.

Our Doctor came back with a little bit of a frown and said… just ten more days Evelyn, then the babies will go out…. unless you get into labour before then.

But judging by how Evelyn’s been so healthy and that her body is as accurate as an atomic clock, I don’t think she will give birth until exactly February 10th… when they decide to get them out.

But at least we know that the babies are healthy and that they’re doing well, and that they’re comfortable in there. Poor Evelyn… she’s having difficulty sleeping and moving around in bed. It’s hard for her…

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