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Seeing through the glass, darkly

Appliedt to SFU… I got accepted to the Arts program with the intention of transferring over to business. The funny thing is that I have 15 credits of upper division business courses (3rd & 4th year), but I need to complete 9 credits of lower division courses to officially get into the program.

This will extend my date of graduation to summer 2008 – a little over two years from now.

Six months ago, I would have thought, “Forget it. It’ll take too long and you don’t have that kind of time.” Looking over my original intentions however, SFU seems to be a lot more compelling. A few things didn’t pan out at Capilano College – their Undergrad society turned out to be quite small with few business connections. Classes were small but the selection of International Business courses was limited.

But ever since I went to the SFU orientation last Friday, I realized that I will have a whole range of resources, academic support, career development support… not to mention the the several clubs and organizations that I can take part in order to develop the network and skills needed to get my Company off the ground. (Yes, I do have a few ideas in mind!) I will need the extra time to do that, and SFU might be the best place to stay while that happens. SFU also has CES institute – something that I didn’t complete back at UBC.

It’s more expensive, yes. It’s a big risk in that I have not been officially accepted to the business program. It’s not the shortcut to the degree. But I see the rewards… I see the possibilities with an SFU degree that I don’t see with the Capilano degree.

I think Capilano was the right thing to do at the time. By the end of this term, I will have a Capilano College Business diploma – a credential that counts for something. It will help me qualify for a better job her at my current company. I consider it a stepping stone to that bigger prize.

I am a little bit apprehensive, but the more I think about it, the more excited I am that I’m riding the edge of this wave between failure and success. I took a risk by going to Capilano. It was a good one. Now I’m taking another risk – something less comfortable but more challenging. I’m going back to University – and I’m going to get into that Business program and get that education.

To be honest, in some ways, going to SFU is my way of finish what I didn’t get to finish at UBC. Although I don’t regret going on my mission, I do wish that I hadn’t left UBC on such poor circumstances. Going to SFU to complete the University degree will be a sort of redemption for me – to finish what I have started. I hope I get there. I hope I succeed.

Exciting days… I’m looking forward to it!

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