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Last day of 2005

After looking throughout my entries for the year, I realized that 2005 was a year full of blessings. I think that there were two major turning points.

First, We decided to move out on own buy a place of our own. We moved out of the parents’ basement and went to a half duplex in Burnaby. We are renting, but it was a place that we can call our own. I got more sleep, we have our privacy and we have so much more time together. We’re so much happier and I wonder why we hadn’t moved out sooner.

Secondly, we found out in October that we will be having twins! What a blessing! It was also a call to shape up and prepare for the busy times that are ahead. I hope that we can pull through and succeed.

I also looked at the end of the year for 2004, I also noticed that this year, little by little, I was a lot more happier and a lot more sure of myself and of the path that the Lord wants me to take. Although I stumbled here and there (and still stumbling), for the most part, I could see our Father in Heaven leading us to where we’re supposed to be. It wasn’t just dumb luck that we got a 4 bedroom house for a good price. He knew we needed to have a new place, large enough to take care of an expanding family. he knew that I needed an education and opened the doors for me. He knew that I needed to have a job in the graveyard shift so I can go to school and He made it possible.

It hasn’t been without challenges though. We’re still financially fragile, although somewhat better than last year. But Tithing has definitely been the blessing that has given us the ability to feed, clothe and house our family.

About this time last year, I decided to set up the goal to “Endure it well.” I must say that God has made it possible for me to do so. I am greatful for his help and I hope that I can continue to endure the hardships as well as the happy times this year.

As for the goals I set out, here’s the result:

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