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If December 1st is your birthday…

The Chicago Sun Times says:

IF DEC. 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Actor/director/writer Woody Allen (1935) shares your birthday. You love adventure and travel. You have many friends and admirers. You’re independent, and you have strong organizational skills, which you use to find a means to express yourself. After your 40s, you become more aware of friendship and networking in the world. An important choice awaits you in the next year.

Kinda funny how these horoscopes are getting more and more general and shorter every year!

Anyway, I saw this on another website and I thought that I would write this letter to me when I’m 35.

Dear yong_sa:

Happy 35th birthday yong_sa! At 35, I’m not sure if you’ll go by that pseudoname or if you’ve outgrown pseudonames and blogging altogether. But for now, this is your journal and I hope that over the next five years, it will continue to be filled with a collection of your best days, your worst days and the entire range of days in between. I’m writing you at the age of 30, just before your twins are born. Right now, I don’t know whether they’re boys or girls, and I definitely don’t know if I can afford them or not. In fact, financially, life is quite tough for our family. But I’m beginning to realize that as we faithfully pay our tithing, somehow things just work out.

Right now, I’m studying at Capilano College trying to decide whether to to stay here or accept the admission from SFU and finish off my degree at Cap. Is SFU with the time and expense? Can we afford it? Can we afford not to go to SFU? Is it the place where I can get the education necessary for an International career?

I hope that five years from now you will have established your career as a cultural trainer for people who plan to live overseas. I hope that you didn’t squander your time over things of little worth. But most of all I hope that you have been faithful in every respect to your wife, children, family and to Church which have given you so much.

You’ll never know where your life will take you yong_sa. Leave your self open to new opportunitiese and new experiences, taking your family hand in hand with you through your failures and successes. Let Him lead you and be faithful to what is True. You fiind that as you do this, you will have much success and much happiness in your life. When you’re 35, I can only imagine just how much stress you’ll feel. Don’t forget that the arm of the Lord is stronger than the arm of the flesh.

Anyway, I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy.

Until 5 years,


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