Carry on.

A new stage

We all met together at Vince and Carol’s new house on Friday. Sue was in town with her husband so Vince invited us over for Hot Pot – a good thing on a foggy cool day.

The first big thing that I noticed was that Vince had a buff upper body and small belly. Vince is in the middle of a bet to see who can lose the most weight by the end of the year. Roy lost weight too! And me? Well… let’s just say that all their weight transferred over to me!

One thing that I would never expect to hear someone say is, “Do you want some wine?” I don’t drink, but it’s a really big sign that we’re getting older… Looks like all my friends my age have graduated from Beer and shooters to the more sophisticated bottles of Le Piat D’or.

Occasionally, one of Vince’s customers would call in and Vince would talk about shipments and schedules. Vince is running quite a good business while studying for his masters.

Roy talked about how he and Wakana endured Hurricane Wilma for three days duing his holidays in Cancun.

Sue and her Hubby Neil talked about how Ralph Klein is not a support of the education system and how we all hope that Alberta will go through with their plans to fund 1st and 2nd year university tuition.

Heh… the only thing that was missing was that none of us was talking about how to maximus our RRSP contributions!

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all graduated to the 30 something crowd of maturity. Wine, business, holidays in Cancun, government policy… subjects that none of us would ever talk about or even think about during our times in UBC. I guess we’re growing up more and more thinking deep thoughts and debating things of substance.

… “Did you know that they’re releasing the 1st season of the Muppet Show?”

… “You have the complete Three’s Company DVD set? Cool!”

… “What should we name our twins? Two boys…. Roy and Vince! What do you think?

— “My God no! You’ll get them started on the wrong track!”

— “Iolo? Shamino?”

hee hee…

I guess we’re young at heart after all!

Thanks so much for inviting us over. It was wonderful to see you all again! 🙂

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