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My mind is a block of Cheese at the moment

My life is a block of Cheese at the moment, and it has been since Wednesday. You see, on Wednesday, we just received such amazing, life changing news.

We went to the medical imaging office to get Evelyn’s sonogram. She was being scanned for about an hour without a single word from the imaging tech. She asked, “Is everything okay?”

“Please wait until I get your husband.”

They called me in and she put the scanner smack dab in the middle of my wife’s belly.

“Tell me, Mr. Cruz, what do you see on the screen?”

“I see two big circles.”

I looked at my wife, she looked at me, equally dumbfounded. Then a big smile crept up on our faces as we realized that those two circles on the black and white screen were actually heads.

This January my wife, Evelyn will be giving birth to not one child but two!

That’s right folks, Twins!


My mind gets elated yet numb at the same time at the thought. Just like that, our family jumps from three to five. Double the diapers, double the crying, double the bills… But at the same time, double the laughter, double the smiles, double the hugs and double the satisfaction as these two children grow up to hopefully become good people that can make a difference in people’s lives.

Since that moment at the sonogram office, the word twins has been reverberating in my mind… half my face smiling, half my face worried on how the finances will be. Somehow it will be alright.

More weight on the shoulders, but more joy as well. that’s life! 🙂

2 thoughts on “My mind is a block of Cheese at the moment

  1. CC

    Oh my! Congratulations Herb & Evelyn! This is wonderful news! I understand your worries but I’m sure you will will be alright! Double happiness indeed! Any clue if they’re identical twins? Or one boy, one girl??

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