Carry on.

October in disguise

After the vacation, I was dreading the month of October. Finances, Midterms and all the pressures looked like they were about to collide during the October… and I didn’t look forward to it at all.

But it started off well. Nicolas is now four years old! Four years Old! I remember when I was four. Uncle Danny shoving the cigarette in my mouth for my first (and last) smoke. Me going to school for the first time. Getting pissed drunk because a relative spiked the punch at a party. Ernie and Bert were my best friends… and Lanny MacDonald had the biggest moustache that I had ever seen. And now, my son is four.

I wonder what memories he’s generating in his head. I hope they’re good ones. They’re certainly different. He doesn’t have the benefit of having family around him 24 hours a day that I had. He didn’t go through daycare… he didn’t have to brave the ice and snow up to the chest that I had to. But he has the Church in his life. He has the priesthood in his home. These are things that I never had in my life until I grew up. Like me, Nicolas has two loving parents, a mom and a dad, that care for him. I don’t know what lies ahead for him… but I can only hope that the memories he builds with us will be good ones.

I have been spending a lot of time reading my textbooks (heh… that’s new!) and doing my homework. I wrote a website for the Capilano Business Undergraduate Society Website. If things go right, that will result in a scholarship for me (Any prayers / karma on my behalf for this will be greatly appreciated). And to top it off, in spite of all these intense accounting and mathematics courses, I’m still holding on.

The financial trouble did come, but was easily resolved…

October had a mask of dread before it came but it turned out to be a month of wonderful blessings from Heavenly Father. There are still a couple of weeks left, but I hope this continues… With enough hard work, it will.

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