Carry on.

Happy Anniversary Hun

What’s happened in the past five years? So many things. In no particular order, hand in hand, my wife and I went through September 11th, life in our parent’s basement, Jacque Roggue saying the beloved word, “Funcouver” to the delight of thousands of fans in GM place, no Stanley Cup runs, meeting Martin Nievera, listened to Aiza Siguerra, saw Handel’s Messiah, sang in Handel’s Messiah, declined the hot tub in Royal Columbian Hospital, saw our first epideral, made an alien baby and watched him turn into something wonderful. We saw Superdogs, trekked through Canada’s Largest mall, visited the happy valley of Southern Alberta, realized that motel six isn’t really the best place to go, drove a circle route, made like Trudeau and paddled through a deep green lake, read an Entire Harry Potter book, left the nest to place of our own, covered our heat registers with foil to relieve our sinuses, and realized that in between all of these little events in our life, we built and are still building a woderful life together.

The last five years have been a blur, but clearly, my hun, you have brought out the best of me that has been burried deep inside for so many years. You have helped me become a better person. You have taught me to reach out and do, not just say. You have taught me to appreciate. You are my inspiration and my example. You are beautiful. You are Kind. You are blessed. You are a wonderful mother and more than what I could ever ask for in an eternal companion.

Happy 5th anniversary, Evelyn. I love you so much.


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