Carry on.


One essential component of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs includes the need for achievement.This summer certainly brings testament to the fact that personally, I haven’t achieved that much. So much for my goal of no TV for the month of August. Oh well… I’ll make a full attempt to do it for the rest of the month, hence this entry to pace the time. heh, ranks right up there with the weight loss program for the summer. Where did that go? I’m still stuck at 195, but at least that’s a bit better than this time last year. I have two and a half weeks… what can I do until then? I’ll limit it to Five items to make it easy:

1) Read the Harry Potter book I just bought for Nico! hee hee
2) Go Jogging nine times until the end of the month
3) Read two chapters from the Book of Mormon each day
4) No fast food until the end of the month
5) Personal goal I’d rather not write here.

Hopefully I can do it, but I’ll have to check each day to see if I’ve made any progress. Wish me luck!

There’s still time left to make this summer a productive success. I pray that I won’t squander the time I have left before School starts!

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