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Yongsa the News Junkie

I admit it… I’m a really big news junkie. Some people scour the web looking for mp3s. Others skulk and search for images of “ill repute”. Still others look for the latest Jamie Oliver recipie. Me, I go to the net to read the news.

With all of the news available out there – all from different political slants and cultures, who needs the average over-priced local city newspaper anymore? I can check out the latest Korean movie reviews at Or get the latest Anti-american rant from Guardian Unlimited. I can peek into the latest american Propaganda at Even with, I don’t need to buy the environmentally responsible saturday and Sunday editions anymore.

But searching around from one website to another can waste a lot of time. Thank goodness for RSS – really simple syndication. RSS pulls headlines from participating news sources so that you can go directly to their articles. However, you need an RSS reader to look at them. Since I’m working, I can’t install the RSS software on the computer. I’ve been playing with a php program called huddled parser, which pulls the RSS feeds and places them on a web page. The result? My own “personalized” news page:

Yong_sa’s Favorite News Feeds

If you want some tips regarding huddled parser, just drop me a line. In the meantime, happy reading!

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