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Our special place.

Evelyn was running late yesterday so I took Nicolas and we drove her to work. Realizing that I’ll never make it to Nico’s Preschool on time, I decided to take him to Granville island to enjoy the morning… and get some really good food too! 😉

When we got there Nicolas knew where we were – the place where all the birds are. We only went there to feed the birds once, but I guess he never forgot that day. He weaved in and out of the hustle and bustle of the tourists and locals buying fruits and haggling for fresh cuts of beef. It was tough keeping up with him. But he ran to the main courtyard and saw the 40 – 50 pigeons gorging on seeds and rice that kids were throwing in the air and onto the brick dock.

Nico wanted to feed the birds. After finding the place to buy the seeds, Nico had a ball tossing the seeds to and fro. He was apprehensive at first watching the 40-50 pairs of wings rush to him but he eventually got used to it. Pictures coming soon!

After chowing down on Cheese quessadillas and mexifries, I bought another small bag of seeds and we did it all over again! He had so much fun.

We also took a 25 minute boat ride around False Creek… at $6.00 it was a good deal if you ask me!

I knew I needed to do this… while I have time over the next two months. School will be starting soon and other things are afoot that will change in our family life. I need to take Nicolas, and Evelyn, to these special places often! I know that I will never have these times again.

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