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Summer is here!

Well, I finally completed the two courses I took this summer. Did pretty well, and I managed to get the marks that I wanted. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been going through this program for over one year now!

Evelyn says that I’ve changed for the better ever since school started. I think that not completing my education was a source of great stress for me, much more that I was willing to admit or recognize. I’m so happy that Capilano took me in and gave me the chance to make a new start. Now things are progressing quickly! Hopefully I’ll be done soon!

We would really like to have our own place soon. We checked with the banks, and they recommended that we pay off a few more of our debts first before applying again. Hopefully Joohee and Oakjin will stay for at least nine months. That will put us in a good financial footing. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be in a position to have a new Cruz in the family by then!

One cool thing! My friend Catherine is engaged! I remember the first time we met the lucky guy… he reminded me of Jamie Oliver of Naked Chef fame. He doesn’t look like him, but his keen eye for good food really impressed me. I didn’t want to say anything to jinx it, but I had a good feeling about him. I thought… “Well, I think maybe in one year or two, we may hear some good news! “. Good point about him, he really, really, liked my pasta sauce! Fresh tomatoes really makes a difference.

Anothing that happened over the past month. We met with an old friend, Sue. Sue is one of the coolest friends that you can ever have – and she’s a lot of fun. Wen’t to an Izakaya (Japanese Tapas Bar). Really tasty “Iron chefy” – type dishes… mmmm!!! It was nice to have everyone back together again, even just for an evening.

Hopefully we can do it again soon!

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  1. CC

    lol… Well, he does like to cook a lot, and we often experiment with new recipes. Last night I made one of my favourite Korean dish “jap chae”. It’s not difficult at all, but it does require lots of slicing and chopping.

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