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Protected: Something to write

Just now, I dreamed that were on some sort of trek through the the back country. We met all sorts of people. One day, we met someone who was poor and destitute, yet they were kind enough to allow us to live in his property. He mentioned that for years, he had been trying to figure out for years how to get wealthy through the cave on his property. He was told there was gold there and other wealth. However, he couldn’t seem to find it.

We wanted to help him because he had been so kind to us. So we went into the cave with him. We noticed that on the cave, there was mud and rock. Upon closer inspection, there was gold embedded with the rock, to the point where you could just pry it off the walls. it was his gold, so he took it. He was so happy. We left him alone in the cave so that he could take as much gold as he wanted.

When we came back, we noticed that all the walls had been picked clean to reveal solid gold walls full of symbols and signs and all sorts unknown languages. I could recognize a few of the symbols. One of them was a hand in the shape of the

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