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Fast times

“WAAARRRPPP SPEEEEEED NOOOOWWWW!!!” ~ Commander Chekov, Some star trek movie

Life has been very very hectic. Work during the evening, school during the day, sleep during the afternoon and evening. Repeat as desired.

Evelyn has been working very very hard too.

I’m really looking forward to June 17th… the end of classes… and our brief summer vacation. No plans to go anywhere special – just plans to be together and spend the night in the same bed – a really big luxury these days.

Although it may be tempting to complain, I don’t. The fact of the matter is that these minor inconveniences and sacrifices will lead us to a home of our very own while allowing our parents to save a little bit for their retirement.

I do hope that we can keep that attitude and pull through. It’s tough. Really tough. Being looked at by prying eyes and scrutinized for our habits. The advantage of living on your own is that there are no prying eyes looking at your every move, every mistake, every trip, every billing statement they just “happen” to see. I long for the day where I will only here the sound of my son laughing and the warmth of my wife’s embrace all within the privacy of our own humble home.

In the meantime, we’re having fun. Our friends Joohee and Oakjin are so kind and friendly. They’re eager to learn and best of all THEY’RE CLEAN! 🙂 We enjoy sharing our stories and hearing their stories too. Evelyn seems intent on matching them off with someone… either themselves or with other people in the ward. Although it would be nice to see them find someone, I feel it’s best not to get involved. If things get bad, you’ll never know if they’ll blame you or not.

Nicolas loves them both of them, but I hope he’s not too much of a niusance.

One thought on “Fast times

  1. cruzinflip

    Prying eyes are everywhere regardless of if you live in your own home or not. The difference is that you aren’t as aware of those eyes that force you to confront your habits fears, or concerns. The older I get the more that I realize that the prying eyes are sometimes a blessing in disguise. (pathetic rhyme…sorry)In some ways, having the prying eyes forced me to deal with things that I wanted to avoid in the meantime but knew I had to deal with some day in the future. I’m sure that when a comment has been made it wasn’t intentially said or done to hurt. It was proably made to help. I’ve found that people realy do want to help people succeed. It’s just that some people feel the need to point out the weaknesses rather than the strengths because they feel that pointing out the weaknesses will give a person a direction to succeed and achieve their greatest goals. I think that this is the oldschool way of thinking. In the end, pointing out a person’s weaknesses along with their strengths are the way to go. You may not hear it much from some of your family but they do believe that you have many strengths and they only pry because they want YOU to see these strengths that THEY already know you have but need to discover. It took me a long time to realize this but once I did, I understood and embraced it and use it to better myself day after day. Don’t get me wrong, it is a challenge but if it wasn’t a challenge then to me it wouldn’t be considered living. 🙂 Keep your head up and smile! You are doing great and will as our 6th grade teacher used to say, “Reach for the Stars!”

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