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A brief respite – Summertime comes to Vancouver

One thing that I love about Vancouver – the beautiful summers! Just when exam season started, the sky decided to just open up and allowed the sun to come in. As you can see, I haven’t been writing in here all that much. I’ve spent a lot of time with wife and son, taking advantage of any spare moment I could to be with them. With all this extra time, the house has been a little bit more cleaner.

I never realized just how valuable time is now that I have seen what it’s like to have time and to not have any. Looking back, I realize now that perhaps incessant web surfing isn’t the most important thing I can do with my time. I could take my son out to the park. I can go out and exercise. I go out and have a bite to eat. I can go out a serve others and make other people’s lives a little bit easier – all with a small amount of time.

This summer and next term, I will try my best to to maximize the time I have – with a little bit of rest in between.

I’m really greatful for these past two weeks. I’m looking forward to the two months that I have off afterward!

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