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Port over is complete – Bye Bye Windows

Listening to: “Don’t know why” – Nora Jones

After some contemplation, I have decided to move my Altec Lansing Speakers over from my windows XP box over to my Gentoo Linux box. Over the past six months, Bits of hardware were moved over signalling my gradual reduction in my dependence on the Windows Operating System. I moved my printer over, followed by my web server, then my 17 inch monitor. Shortly after, I moved my mp3s and other files and it became the primary server for my network.

For the longest time though, my box couldn’t handle the sound capabilities as well as windows did. Oddly, it took a recompile error on my Kernel to force myself to use a different sound system. I finally got multithreading capability on the soundcard. Now, the sound is absolutely superb.

So I ceremoniously removed the nice speakers from my old box and replaced it with my $10.00 speakers I got at the computer surplus store. My windows XP box is looking antiquated with my Packard Bell 14 inch monitor with a garage sale bought antiglare screen.

My Gentoo is now my primary system, my XP system is for my son. It handles shockwave

Goodbye windows! It’s been nice, but I prefer Free software that works well, thank you very much!

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