Carry on.

Perception and reality

Perception and reality can be completely different. Take this example for instance:

The website that got me into blogging was Yes, the guy who played Wesley Crusher on TNG. One thing that people don’t know about him is that he is an accomplished actor – he’s a fine writer.

Anyway, back to my point… Over the past couple of years, each time I’d read his blog, or his books, I would actually hear in my mind’s ear his Wesley Crusher voice (15-16 year old vocie) telling me stories about his cats, his poker sessions and other things.

Then I noticed a link to his audio blog. Clicked on it… then I heard the voice of this articulate guy, not unlike the guy on Discovery Channel Canada. Immediately, I thought, “Hmm… must be a guest audio blogger.” Clicked on another link… It’s the same voice!

Then it actually dawned on me… “People actually grow up, yongsa.” He can’t have that Wesley voice forever.

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